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Monday, February 23, 2009

Lab Rat

This is not Neil--just a random google image

Neil had some unexpected guests today. About ten or so military scientists visited us in his room to see a test that he was involved in. Neil is part of a study being done by the IBRF that uses computerized brain wave information from an EEG to determine how best to treat him. He'll be tested every two weeks to assess how things are going, and if they want to make any changes in his treatment. The military is interested in this study because there have been so many brain injuries due to IEDs since the current military conflicts began. So, while Neil was hooked up to many sensors attached to his head, these people very kindly and politely asked me questions about him. It kind of felt like he was a celebrity. I think he would have enjoyed the attention if he had been aware of what was going on. I know he wasn't enjoying the test itself because it required a lot of sitting still and he was getting very antsy!

And speaking of ants in the pants, Neil had his hip x-rayed today to help determine why he seems to be so uncomfortable on that side. Hope there's nothing wrong there, but I sure would like to know what's up with his wiggles.


Anonymous said...

I just have to Praise God and thank Him for His faithfulness, for hearing and answering the flood of prayers offered for Neil and the Stone family. I know it hasn't been an easy journey and that it is far from over....but isn't awesome to know that God is in the midst of it!!!
Thank you so much for taking the time to include us - it is a priviledge to both share Neil's struggles and celebrate his triumphs with you. Never feel like your updates fall by the wayside....there are so many that rely on it! It helps us to feel not so far away, to feel like we are right there getting those hugs and holding back our tears as Neil waved good bye to you...ok most of us didn't actually hold them back!
We continue to wait with great expectation, trusting in our Heavenly Father to continue His good work!!!

Meredith said...

I had been thinking a lot about how so many current war veterans were coming home with various degrees of TBI and how unfortunately this is not uncommon. Fascinating study. Glad Neil could be a little (big?) lab rat. I certainly hope and pray the hip x-rays and scans go well or, if there is a problem, it is found and resolved quickly.

Tim & Liana said...

Thank you for keeping us so up to date with your blogs. We continually pray for Neil and your family. We're so happy that he is progressing so well even though as you say, it's baby steps.