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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Quiet Day

Neil goes through patterns of alertness and sleepiness. When he seems to be in his wakeful state, we bend down low to look into his partially opened left eye. We talk to him and sing old lullabies and silly family songs. We play some of his music (thanks Chloe) and some of our music. Why our music, you ask? Well, which one might wake him up--music he loves, or music he hates? :-) We don't know, so we'll try anything. He blinks his eyes, moves his right hand, and occasionally shrugs his shoulders--again, not in response to what we're saying. But maybe it's in response to what he's feeling. Maybe he knows we're there and he wants to connect. Maybe...

If you're getting a little bored with nothing happening, I understand. I'll keep posting everyday--even if there's nothing to report, but I'd suggest you maybe check back only once a week. This is going to take a while. Then again, you'll want to be there when we report the good news... It's up to you. :-)


One of the many praying for Neil said...

Keep sharing.......even if only so we can feel close to you. Even if you have nothing to say but that, well, you have nothing to say. We pray you know how connected all of us who don't want to overwhelm you with calls and visits, feel when we read and often re-read your entries. It doesn't have to be long, it won't always be good or exciting, but it will always be a way for us to be there with you.....with our love, our hugs and our prayers.

Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

I, for one, will continue to check back as often as I have every few hours. :) If something miraculous and amazing happens, I want to know! Of course I'm sure that there will be phone calls. I'm sure that it's slightly therapeudic for you to be writing all of thise and I have to say that, in a way it's therapeudic for me to read. It's good know that you are doing good as can be expected. I really draw strength from your posts, so quiet day or not, it's still a great read. We're praying for you all daily!

Molly said...

I totally want to read about the little things, thanks for posting them. I check the blog all day long and am so happy when you've posted something. Thanks for doing it and letting us be right there with you.

jdpelaez said...

Your upbeat updates and stall worthy positiveness are an inspiration to everyone and manifests confirmation of all the prayers that are constantly offered in Neil's behalf. We, along with our entire Short Hills ward, are pulling for Neil and extend our utmost love and faith in you. Always, J.D. Pelaez

Luke Bracey said...

today was my cousin Jenn's baby shower and at the church my mother had a prayer said for neil
everybody is praying for neil and nobody will stop praying until he is all better
neil you're going to make it through EVERYONE is pulling for you buddy

Meredith said...

Little bits of good news are just that - good news. We take it all. And thank you for sharing with us. You don't have to do it so we are grateful - but I do hope it is therapeutic to write and journal this experience. Wish I could be there to help exercise his hands and sing him silly songs (not that he would want me to sing but I would try) and cook for you and goof with Eric.

Love you all,


Dave said...

Lori and Scott,

I hope you will continue to leave these messages. They are life lessons for all that read.

Dave Sousa