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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to Fly

I don't know why I bother telling you what the doctors say. They change their minds and they disagree with each other. (Don't get me wrong--I still have great respect for our doctors!) What I'm trying to say is Neil doesn't have pneumonia. Apparently he had some kind of blockage in his lung that is now cleared up. He had a great day sitting up in the chair again for several hours. Eyes wide open, but not a lot of focusing. Lots of movement in his right limbs. He likes to pick things up with his right hand. It was fun to see him trying to take the pulse ox monitor off of his left finger. Of course we had to stop him, but if that isn't purposeful movement, I don't know what is!

Now Dr. Danish says we'll wait on the skull reattachment for a couple of months. Since it is major surgery, we don't want to set Neil back any. Time to get rehabbing! The move is supposed to take place tomorrow. The location is still up in the air. Be patient with's a big decision!

And now we'll be taking something in the neighborhood of 1, 050 paper cranes with us. Yes, they have flown into the ICU and they're beautiful. And we understand more are coming. I think our rehab facility decision will depend on which one will let us hang them all in Neil's room!


Polly said...

Do you have a feel for which rehab place is better? This will be another big step. I'm glad you visited a few , so if you feel you need to change locations you can. Good luck tomorrow. I hope they don't lose his skull piece when he leaves...hopefully it is labeled with his name somewhere. I'm remembering the wallet and shoes.:< We'll be thinking of you, and waiting for the new location info.

Molly said...

I am so glad it wasn't actually pneumonia, that is great news. I'm happy he was again able to spend so much time in the chair, it's probably good for a change of pace. I'm sure the cranes are amazing, I can't wait to see a picture of them sometime! It really sounds like he's making improvements every day, the rehab will probably do wonders for him in that respect as well. Good luck on making that desicion, I am sure it is a very difficult one. Who wouldn't want their child in the best place possible, right? Good luck! Molly

Anonymous said...

More than likely you have but, in case not, has an IPod or one of those teenager communication devices been put into his hand on a good day? Most teenagers do not need to focus upon one, they know it by heart. Perhaps is could be a form of communication which will be very effective before he can quite form words and have eye contact well. It does does does take awhile for one to "come out of it" a coma type head injury
My sister has gone thru what you are and she would be honored to share with you. Her email is on your llstone email.
I am here, use me as it is seemly for shopping or whatever! Mary M 685-1822

Meredith said...

We love love love news about Neil! Thanks for sharing. And I am sure docs disagree - there is probably several directions of protocol and they need to decide at the moment which road to take. We always pray not only for Neil's recovery but for the doctors and caregivers to make the appropriate decisions regarding his care. And we pray for the whole family too. We love you more than words can say. Can't wait to see the cranes!


Sarah Anne said...

i'm so glad it wasn't pneumonia. that's great that he's spent more time in the chair and picking things up, of course purposefully. expect more cranes, many more. i just found some more origami paper and i'm going crazy.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you have this blog for Neil. We have been worried and praying for Neil ever since that night.My Husband was with his friend right after the impact. The tree he hit happened to be on our property. though the home is vacant, we live next door. you don't know how relieved we are to hear that Neil is doing well. We will continue to keep your family and Neil in our prayers..

Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

Good news that he doesn't have pheumonia. Great to hear that he's doing well with the sitting in the chair! Keep the updates coming, we love hearing about his progress. Hope you all are doing well. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless you strength and stamina. You guys are awesome. I hope that you'll take a picture of all of those cranes. I would love to see them all. We had so much fun making them!

Bethansen said...

It's probably even more cranes than you though. There were 1,150 just from Chloe's house. I calculated it. haha. I'm happy he doesn't have pneumonia, and he's getting to the rehab place so soon now. :]