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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Yard and a Half and a Cloud of Dust

Scott gave me the title for this post. It's a modification of a term used to describe OSU coach Woody Hayes' style of football and pretty much explains the reason why I'm not a football fan. It's an apt description of the game Neil is playing now. He moves ahead, but it's a slow move. It isn't always exciting (except maybe to parents who are looking for any little thing), and sometimes it's all he can do to maintain the line of scrimmage.

That being said, Neil enjoyed petting and playing with Sherman, the therapy dog, today--even throwing him a ball a few times. He was able to focus for a few minutes on a balloon game in the afternoon, which was pretty awesome because his attention span in the P.M. can be pretty short. And here's a couple of extra yards: Neil walked a little bit. Now, let me explain. He had a therapist on each side holding him up and they had to move his left leg for him, but he actually took a couple of steps with his right leg.

Yup, we're going for the touch-down.


Anonymous said...

Lori and Scott, the cranes are beautiful and we really appreciate the blog. We say a prayer every day for you all to be comforted, encouraged and edified by God as you assist Neil in his recovery. All 7 of our children have heard of Neil's challenge and are praying for him.

We will continually think of your family and keep you in our prayers.

Dave and Vera Bolden

Polly said...

This is such exciting news!!! I don't get the football stuff, but Carl will. I'm excited that Alison will be home to see you all this weekend. What kind of dog is Sherman? This rehab facility really sounds like a great one. We'll be excited to hear Alison's report too.
Love, The Roberg's

Meredith said...

Some of us around here love the football analogy. Can you guess who? Lindsay sent me to the computer while we were eating dinner with this: "Speaking of Neil, how's he doing?" This was after Steve was telling us something about work involving a co-worker Neil. They were so excited to hear about how he had been twirling his cell phone a bit (mentioned in a previous post). They totally remember him doing this and playing with the dog makes them all happy. Here's to more steps, with help sure, but a step is a step in the right direction!

Debbie C said...

Great news! They will not let him sit at Kessler...they will work him and get him moving! Love the dog part...who couldn't be happy petting a great dog!! Since we're talking football..."first in ten, do it again, score!" Neil has lots of cheerleaders! Again, thanks for keeping everyone up to date, we appreciate every word.

Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

Well, I don't really understand the football analogy, but from the awesome things that Neil's doing, it must be good! That all sounds amazing and really, any step is a good step. Keep it up Neil! We are so proud of him and all his hard work and we're always thinking about you! Love, The Mitchells

Anonymous said...

It's nice to read all of this and nod, thinking "yup, that's Neil." He's an amazing kid and has an equally as amazing family, and every one of these little steps show it. Thanks for keeping us updated, Mrs. Stone.