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Friday, February 20, 2009

Double Posts Today!

Scott's been on duty all day today giving me my first day away from Neil since the accident. I missed him terribly, but it felt a little like a normal life again. Well, a normal life without my eldest son... Maybe not so normal after all.

Neil seems to be having trouble focusing. He's probably seeing double which must be pretty annoying. That might explain why he doesn't look at anything for very long. He has an appointment soon to see a neuro optometrist. His doctor thinks it will be fairly routine to correct the problem--like maybe wearing a patch for a while.

One of the focuses of Neil's rehab is getting back on a regular day/night schedule. They are attempting to keep him in his chair and awake all day. Well, we can keep him in his chair, but sure can't keep him awake! Because he keeps taking these little, stubborn naps, he tends to wake up in the middle of the night. They assure us it is normal and will take a few days to a week to get him back on track. Drugs will surely be involved in this pursuit. Guess that's why were in a hospital-like facility.

And it looks like clever Neil has discovered a new trick he can do. Since he's been in the wheelchair all day, he's figured out how to move himself about by pushing with his right leg on the floor. Granted, he doesn't really go any particular direction, but I'm pretty impressed with his ingenuity!


Sarah Anne said...

i was surprised to see him moving around in that chair. and he was opening and closing the cell phone on command. i was amazed, we were amazed. loved all the cranes, very bright and shiny in that corner, it was distracting me. my dad left our number in a card, incase you need our help, since we are quite close to Kessler.


Meredith said...

Love it. We are so proud of him. I often wonder where his thought process is inside his head. I hope he feels the comfort of our thoughts and prayers and I hope he feels victorious! Here's to working out his wake/sleep schedule.

Love you all,