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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nurses, Doctors, and Angels

Thank you Jessica, Ursula, Nancy, Quiana, Chris, Pat, and Adele. What would we do without compassionate individuals who choose to go into the care-giving field? These people have been Neil's constant companions. They clean him up, change his boots (that's for another blog entry), adjust his motionless arms and hands. They push a lot of buttons on countless IV machines, monitor same, and do some really amazing tricks with all the tubes that carry the life-saving meds to his body. Nancy even said she would shave Neil tonight! He does have quite a stubbly face. I'd ask her to cut his hair while she's at it, but Neil would not be happy with that, so we'll let it grow for now.

Dr. Fasanya comes from England. We liked him right away just for his accent, but he really won our hearts with his attentiveness and obvious concern for our son. He must live here because he comes in day and night, studies all the numbers, consults with the nurses, orders the necessary changes in medications and respiration, and is very patient with our repeated questions.

Dr. Lee is Neil's neuro surgeon. He's in and out quickly, but has taken the time to talk frankly when we've asked him to. He doesn't paint a rosy picture of Neil's future, but assures us there is room for lots of possibilities. He gives good, professional care.

We have felt from the beginning that Neil is surrounded by angels: these caring medical professionals, loving family who are sending their prayers from far and near, amazing friends who share their funny Neil stories through tears, and countless thoughful people we've never even met. And yes, even heavenly angels who are caring for him while he sleeps, and carrying us while we wait.

We're still waiting as his ICPs go up and down, but we're feeling watched over.



Jen said...

I am so glad you feel all the love and support everyone has for you. A lot of my friends are at RWJ right now doing a clinical rotation and I have heard wonderful things about the healthcare staff there. I am so glad you are being well taken care of. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.

Jen Thexton

Meredith said...

I have no doubt in my mind (or at least hope) that heavenly angels like Grandpa Bill and my mom, Sue (Neil's Aunt Sue) have their arms wrapped around you in the hugs only they could give, prompting doctors and nurses to know that they have a very special young man in their care, and are comforting him while he sleeps.

Love love love you,

Meredith, Steve, Lindsay, Caroline and Kate

Liz said...
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Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

I reiterate what Meredith says. Thre are many Heavenly Angels who I'm sure are there ministery to Neil constantly and knowing and what we all do of Grandpa Bill and Mom, there's no way that they would not put their other errands on hold to be there for you guys, especially Neil. Love and virtual hugs are constantly coming your way from Colorado

The Mitchells

Molly said...

We are so thankful for wonderful caregivers as well. It sounds like Neil is in good hands.

Anonymous said...

Dear Stone Family,

You do not know me, but I work with Ryan Williams who is a member of your ward and has worked with Neil in your ward's Priest Quorum. On Monday morning, Ryan came in very distraut (which is not like him) and told me about Neil's accident. I've been checking in with Ryan everyday about Neil's status and Ryan gave me the link to your blog.
I was touched by your statement that Neil is surrounded by angels. I know that is true. I know it is true because I have lived it with my family, who, just over three years ago was in a serious car accident.
My family was on their way to my niece's baptism in Boise, ID when they hit black ice and went rolling off the freeway. Amazingly, five out of the six people in the car came out with minor injuries. However, we lost my 17 year old sister. Although it was and is still extremely difficult at times, I know that it was her time to leave this life to go to a better one. Since her passing, my family and I have felt the spirit testify to us that Heavenly Father is watching over us. The Spirit has also testified that everything the Father has promised will be given to us if we are faithful. I know this is true for my family and for yours as well. No matter what happens, know that Heavenly Father is watching over you with earthly and heavenly angels.


Greg Reeves

Liz said...

I am hopeful and fervently praying that Neil will fully recover...with a bright future. He is such a great young man and wonderful example of the gospel. I also pray that your family will feel peace and the love of your Heavenly Father, Christ, friends, and family during this time.

With great love,
Liz Stanley (North Branch Ward)