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Thursday, May 20, 2010

He's a What? He's a What?

He's a Music Man!

All those years of practicing and hard work have paid off.  Eric's audition for the school's Wind Ensemble was a success--he's going to be the bass trombonist next year!

As faithless parents, we promised that we would help him buy a new (used) trombone if he ever made it into that exclusive group.  We thought it was a safe offer.  Guess we'll have to pay up now.   
And I think we might have to create a decent music room in the house somewhere.  Looks like we have a serious musician on our hands.
Or maybe not...


Meredith said...

Good one. Now you have to make good on your promise! :)

Trinyan Mariano said...

Way to go Eric! Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Eric. I'm glad you are seeing good results from all your hard work.
Love, Aunt Michelle