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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Would You Dance With This Man?

Well several ladies did!  Neil had a wonderful time at the Prom a couple of weeks ago.

The pre-prom group.

Here's Mom with one last good-bye before the kids took off.

Riding in style!

Having a blast!


Molly said...

He looks so handsome! I would have danced with him! Glad he had a great time - so fun!

Polly said...

Looks like a fun time. Neil, I like your gray color vest. It's nice looking. Hey, ask Brandon about his limo service. It was 8 couples. The limo was about 2 hours late in picking them up to take to prom:(
It looks like this was the weekend for proms and parties. Hope you got to sleep in the next day!!

Alison + Brandon said...

Looks like a fun night! Neil looks great in his tux.

BaileyZimmerman said...

Neil what a handsome guy!! You look great in your tux!! Glad you had a wonderful evening with your friends!!

See you at rehab next week!

Linda Z

BaileyZimmerman said...

ps...Lori....I can't believe it I don't have your e-mail address.
Would you mind sending it my way?


Meredith said...

So much fun! Lindsay and Caroline were asking me about prom and if you always go in a limo. I said I never did but some do...Neil will have to tell my girls all about it. Oh and Neil, you look hot!