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Monday, July 18, 2011

Certificates of Achievement

Oops!  Guess I'm a little behind in our family chronicles.  It's going to take a few posts to catch up, so let's get started:

Neil had a wonderful time at Camp.  As you can see, he was honored for two different skills, each with a story.  If you know Neil at all, the second one won't surprise you, but you may need to ask him about the first award.  Go ahead, ask him!  He loves to tell the story.

Here, Neil is finally receiving his diploma.  The date reads 2011, which is the official graduation date because he was enrolled until June of this year.  He considers his graduation year as 2009.  That's when  he would have been done, if not for the minor inconvenience of a car accident.  Besides, you just can't top that standing ovation he received as he walked with his original class.  We considered the school work after that as education therapy.

Presenting his diploma in our casual commencement service is the amazing Dr. Porter--school psychologist and case manager extraordinaire.  He headed up Neil's child study team and orchestrated his tailor-made course schedule.  

There are so many other school personnel I'd love to thank, but if I made a list, I'm sure I'd leave someone out.  Suffice it to say, the list would include teachers, specialists, assistants, psychologists, secretaries, therapists, department heads, and on and on.  We always felt that we were part of a winning team whose only goal was Neil's success.  Thank you all!

And finally, here's a picture of Neil with his "literacy support specialist".  That was Dr. Spingarn's official title for the last two years.  We considered her our caring friend and Neil's head cheerleader.  Lot's of thanks and love to you, Doc!


Alison + Brandon said...

"the amazing Dr. Porter--school psychologist..."
Wait, are you saying Guidance wasn't worthless for once??? Or does he work for a different office? :-)

Lori said...

No Guidance involved here, Alison. If they were supposed to be on his team, I wasn't aware of it. You can draw your own conclusions :-)