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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Youngs + Stones = Summer of Love

 We attended two reunions in July.  Lucky us!  Here are some pictures that make me smile.

The Youngs in Utah:

The Originals
Grands and Great-Grands
The Dutch Doll Always Visits
Camping Out in the Porch Room
Previewing the Family Photos
Grandpa and Cousin Mitch on the Kiddie Scooters
Thirty-three of Us at the Folk's House

The Stones in Oregon:
Big Stones and Little Pebbles

Feeding the Multitude
Ladies' Man
Alison Practicing
Loving the West Coast
Grandma Nadene and Two of Her "Kids"
Special bonus video, "Sumo on the Beach":


Anonymous said...

Good times, good times! Is there any way I could get copies of the pictures you posted of our reunion? There must be some easy way to get them electronically but I'm so technologically inept that I'm not sure what that would be.
Love, Michelle (sis)

Lori said...

Michelle, I have some other cute pictures I think you'll want, too, of Meghan, Michael, and Bradley. I'll email you!

my rebel took over said...

I LOVE the sumo! Priceless.