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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Coming and Going

Two Brothers On Their Way
We'd just about finished unpacking boxes here in SC when it came time to take Eric to BYU and to bring Neil home from his mission--both, events to celebrate.

After we dropped Eric off at school (and I had a good cry), I tried not to call or text him. I wanted to give him some space, as I had been driving him crazy trying to impart every last bit of wisdom I had during the past several weeks. Then I got this text:  "Words cannot describe how awesome college is." I'm glad he's happy. I just hope he can maintain this attitude when classes finally start next week ;-)

We're so proud of Neil for serving faithfully for 13 months in the Church and Family History Headquarters Mission in Salt Lake City. He had some wonderful experiences and met some great people. We are grateful for many that helped him along the way, especially our dear friends the Ryggs and the Coppins. He's ready to move on now and explore some opportunities for further growth in our new home.

Time to get busy.

Eric's New Home
Neil's Old Job


Meghan said...

What an exciting time for both of your sons! I'm sure it will be nice to have Neil home again!

Alison + Brandon said...

Awesome! I had those same chairs and beds in my dorm room a million years ago. :-)

Jenni in AZ said...

So great!
I wish Austin could be there at the same time with Eric! I hope that'll happen in a few years. I'm sure Eric will love it there.
And I bet Neil is excited to explore your new state!
Good luck with these big transitions in your life, Sis!