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Friday, November 29, 2013

Here's What Happened...

Scott was on local television:

We participated in Relay for Life:  (On a very sultry [read: hot and sticky!] day)

Deer in the yard made us feel at home:

Alison and Emerson visited:

We explored South Carolina:

Neil won a race:

We explored downtown Greenville:

We found some sights that are new to us:

Not that it matters...

That's 3 gallons worth.


my rebel took over said...

Just decided to randomly meander over to your blog and see what was here. It made me miss you!

Mrs. Edwards said...

Hello - I am a high school psychology teacher and I show the True Life segment your son is featured in to teach about TBIs and the brain's plasticity. I was wondering if you could provide an update as to how Neil is doing. My students always want to know and I'd like to be able to tell them! Thank you for your time.