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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Reunion

The view from room 3024

Neil had an appointment with his rehab doctor so we took the trip out to West Orange again to visit Kessler #1. Dr. G. was pleased to see Neil walking so well and looking so good with an intact skull. After examining him and talking to us about medication adjustments and future therapy, he wanted to show Neil off to his former therapists. Up the familiar elevators we went to visit Erin, Rich, Kirk, Theresa, Alana, Jodi, Fred, and of course, Sherman. Neil looked quite dapper in his hat and jeans instead of his crazy pajama pants. Every one gathered around and seemed so pleased to see him. Poor Neil was a little overwhelmed and had some trouble remembering who these people were, though he did admit things looked kind of familiar.

When we left, we were feeling like a little celebration was in order, so we went to Chipotle for Neil's favorite burrito. I haven't seen him eat like that for a long time! Must have been just what he was craving.


Anonymous said...

Wow a visit to West Orange and a favorite burrito! What a day!!
Thanks for sharing...I hadn't realized how attached I had become to your updates and glimpes of Neil until there wasn't one! Whew,.....almost went into withdrawls!!!
God Bless You All -

Meredith said...

Good one Neil! Great progress. Chipotle always makes us feel good...and we chow down on it too.

HMStammler said...

There isn't a Chipotle in Buffalo so this past weekend was the first time I had ever experienced it while I was in Chicago and their food is yummy! I can see why Neil was craving it! Glad to hear that you got to experience your favorite burrito. Keep appreciating the little things and keep up the good work Neil! Always in our thoughts and prayers!