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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making My Day

My favorite Mothers Day gift this year was a joke. We've been waiting and hoping for Neil's sense of humor to return, and on Sunday he actually cracked a joke. No smile to go with it yet, but just being able to recognize and create something funny represents some sophisticated cognitive ability. So here's what happened: Because he'd been snacking earlier, Neil was taking his time over dinner, delicious though it was (thank you, Scott!) In an effort to encourage him to eat, Scott told him to dive in--whereupon, Neil put his good right hand over his head with his fingers pointing upward and bent over his plate. In his monotone voice he said, "just kidding." It was wonderful! I laughed from surprise and for joy more than for humor, but it was pretty clever.

Handy Work

Here is Neil helping Eric with his Saturday jobs so Eric could be freed up quicker to play video games. Though Eric certainly appreciated the help, Neil's real motivation was that he wanted to watch his brother play. Since he's not able to work the PS3 controller with his left hand yet, he has to get his video game fix vicariously. It's been interesting to note that as Neil's ability to focus on the screen has increased, he has begun to get some movement from his fingers. He is just itchin' to play! It's going to take some time to get control, but we've no doubt he will have the use of that hand again.

Therapy Work
Therapy began again yesterday. It's been two weeks since his surgery, and we finally got the clearance from his doctor. His therapists were amazed at the progress that took place during that time. He is much steadier and aware than he was at this last session. He continues to inspire and impress us all.

School Work
We took a trip to Neil's school today to check out the contents of his locker and to say hello to a few teachers. Neil was happy to see them and I wish we'd had time to get around to see more. We are currently in communication with the school district to find out what needs to be done to help Neil graduate. It's going to happen eventually, but he is not ready to reenter the classroom situation just yet. All in good time and first things first.


Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

Wow! Such progress! Who knew that a joke would be so appreciated. It's funny all the things that you take for granted. Neil looks great and it's so nice of him to help with his brother's chores! And by the way, Neil has inspired us in more ways than one...we are now the proud owners of the WiiFit and we love it! How's it working for Neil? We love you Neil and it's so wonderful to hear of your progress! Keep up the hard work!

Molly said...

That was clever, go Neil! I love that he wanted to help Eric with his chores so he could watch him play video games, that is so cute! Good luck with the school work! I remember my last semester of high school, i didn't do much, hopefully it won't be too bad!

Meredith said...

LOVE seeing you in that red shirt Neil - you are looking like you again, skinny jeans and all. Now, if you ever are itching to vacuum out west, i have some floors in need...

Good luck getting school going again - we are so proud of you!

Amy Edgar Schaugaard said...

Sounds like a great mothers day. Glad he's making so much progress.

Anonymous said...

Just representing the Neil Stone Blog stalkers society and letting you know we miss our updates, that we pray that Neil is continuing to progress and that you all are settling into a comfortable routine.
But....we'd sure love to hear from you!!!

Anonymous said...

hey there im alex hansen(beth's little brother) and i would like to give my warmest regards to you.its nice to know about your progress and how you help around your house just living life. I wish you the best of luck