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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fairview Farm

A lovely spring day should be spent outside. In order to comply with what yesterday's weather dictated, we took off for Fairview Farm, the nature preserve where Neil did his Eagle Scout project. We walked the children's trail that he prepared and found almost all in order. (We need to replace a couple of trail activity booklets that he'd made for the backpacks.)
I would highly recommend a visit. The children's trail is just a small part of the preserve. We loved the bird and butterfly garden. The lilacs are in bloom right now, and the smell is heavenly. When Neil was in the planning stages of this project last spring there was a beaver in the pond. Not sure what his status is right now, but we saw deer and heard lots of birds during our short stay yesterday.
One note of warning: Take a close look at the picture at the top of this post. Yup, that's poison ivy at the base of the tree--beautiful, but don't get too close!


Hancock family said...

It looks gorgeous there and it's so great to see Neil up and around in those beautiful surroundings.
Love to you all,
Jen and family

Meredith said...

That place looks so gorgeous - nice to be able to check up on the old Eagle Project, eh? Next time I am in NJ, I would love to go there. ha - how often do I get to NJ anymore since Steve's parents moved away? Love you all!

Alison + Brandon said...

Lovely! Looks like a slightly more inviting walk in the springtime as opposed to the winter...

Gary Myer said...

Poison Ivy should be the state plant. There is more poison ivy in this state than any place I can remember. Looks like a nice trip. It was great to see Neil blessing the Sacrament on Sunday!

David Sawyer said...

From the Sawyer family, just wanted to say we really miss the parks and can't wait for out visit in July.
Can't wait to see and visit you guys and say hello in person.