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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Celebrity Sighting

Some of you may recognize Adam from the True Life episode on brain injury that Neil was involved in from a couple of years ago.  Our paths had never crossed before in the filming of the show, so we were thrilled to run into him and his parents outside Dr. Vicci's office just before Neil left for his mission in June.  They seemed just as excited to see us.  We talked briefly as it was time for Neil's appointment, but I hope we can connect again.  They only come down to New Jersey from Upstate New York every few months for Adam's appointments with the doctors who have been treating him here.  Of course, Neil won't be available for visits, but I want the feeling of support that comes when I can connect with other parents and survivors of TBI.

Adam is still making progress.  He rarely suffers from Capgras Syndrome any more.  He didn't know who we were, and I got the feeling that he didn't like thinking about, or remembering the show, but we sure appreciated the chance to meet such inspiring people.

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Alison + Brandon said...

Oh, cool! That's a great picture of the two "stars" together!