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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Temple Trip

Mom and family,
I hope you saying you’ve read and re-read my email, means you’re happy about what I said, J. So much happens every week, It’s hard to remember everything. ...
It’s amazing what I run into out here that I have a chance to experience, and learn how to overcome. My attitude towards this mission I think it ONE reason why I’m having such a good time and even having these experiences…J. After going to The Temple yesterday, we went to Café Rio for dinner and THERE, I met a woman who was like are you guy’s having mission conference here? I could talk to her about what we just did and explain exactly what kind of missionaries we were. It was amazing to see the positive responses when we happily talk about our experiences. Then after that woman, we moved up further in line and a woman’s kid dropped his Binky and politely I picked it up and handed it to her when she was about to ask us to pick it up, she appreciated how willingly and quickly I picked it up without a second thought. Then today I was walking through Temple Square before we left for Wal-mart and I met a couple and had a nice conversation with them. Luckily he had a degree in horticulture , so he knew new Jersey for what it was, I was amazed. He said ANYWHERE with such humidity and open spaces will thrive in its plants. He was a very nice man, we had a nice conversation. I love meeting people who know New Jersey isn’t one big city.
Music in the Spoken Word? I go every single Sunday Morning, so if you watch sometime, you may get to se me somehow, If you look hard enough. It’s so amazing to hear and see the people that are there, J.
I think and pray for you all many time’s a day too, J.

Love you lot’s,
Elder Neil “your son” Stone, J

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