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Friday, August 3, 2012

From the Mail Bag

Excerpts from a couple of Neil's emails:

My new work place is at the Church History Library.  I need to use a sign in card every day to get in, I feel like a Secret Agent, :P. My work there is going to be putting new books into the family history library and adding all the check-out info as well as search info, so people can find it when they search on the computer. There and 3-4 of us that the record goes through so all the mistakes can be found before it is put online. My boss and co-worker are awesome! They make working there very fun! I’m catching on quick according to my boss, so that’s good because I’m taking over for an elder who’s leaving next month.

My week went VERY well, thanks, J. My handwriting is getting A LOT better, now that I’m writing in my journal every day, J. One full page every single day. It will be a lot to read when I get home. Some strange things, but THAT’S JUST me! :P. My week, I am getting used to the whole area and am not getting lost anymore so that’s good. I’m getting used to making bigger healthier meals and hopefully am becoming a better chef. I need to buy a strainer today for my pasta because we don’t have one, but that’s just how it goes. My trainer/missionary that I mentioned awhile ago is way cool, it’s too bad he’s al most done though, he’s been here about two years so it’s about time to leave. I only have a couple co-workers to talk to, but they’re sooo awesome! I hope I’m not talking too much. I’m trying not to talk about myself too much, so that’s good. I’m growing in knowing how to make good conversation, not there yet but I’m getting there.

Lots of love,
Elder Neil Stone, J.

On the hot weather topic, you don’t have to feel bad at all about me getting overheated. My facility in the collections agency is all temperature controlled at around 60 degrees. Well, the places that the history records are kept are in that temperature controlled area. The specific kind of lamination they use lasts for 200 years they said, so I think that means all those records are kept in temperature controlled rooms that keep the plastics at a temperature that isn’t melting temperature, and isn’t freezing either. It’s so interesting to see how complex all the science is in the vaults.

I was typing this before and someone came up and asked if I could help with their family history. It wasn’t at the best time, but she was really cool. Getting to know all the people you do on this or any mission is such a blessing. I need to study this some more, because it’s not good when people can stump you… Lessons learned in the strangest ways. Missions teach so many things you’d never learn anywhere else. I love it!  Look forward to the next email. One more week, 7 days for new experiences and more mission work. Every day a new story to tell, a new journey to start and a new person to meet. I love this mission.

Love you so much too J, lots of love,
Elder Neil Stone  

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