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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Public Life

I started this blog to share Neil's latest condition and progress with family and friends as he lay near death in the hospital and then began his long process of healing. It became a therapeutic tool for me as well, to put what was in my heart into words. As Neil has become so much more aware and cognitively coherent I have sometimes wondered if it's been fair of me to post his personal struggles in such a public forum. Will he ever look back at what I've written and cringe? At this point he seems happy with the attention his semi-notoriety brings him. These days I am eager to find ways to bring a smile to his face as he battles the loneliness of finding his pool of friends shrinking.

I guess that's why I consented to the camera and microphones that followed us around on Monday. A New York production company is putting together a short documentary on TBI and wants to include Neil as one of the participants. They came to our home and shot him and Eric and friends playing Wii "therapy" and filmed him cooking some steaks on his new indoor grill. After lunch they followed us to Kessler for his real therapy. Therapists and staff had been prepped in advance and did a marvelous job of explaining Neil's tasks as he toiled away. Everyone worked hard at acting natural while educating, though it was hard not to look at the camera! Unfortunately for me, I had a bad hair day and somehow gained an extra 15 pounds just before they arrived!

This week was just a test shoot. If all goes well, Neil will be featured on MTV's True Life Series. I will certainly let you know how this thing progresses--unless of course my hair just looks too bad!


Meghan, Carson and the Kiddos said...

That is really cool! I actually watch True Life a lot. Well, not a lot, but if I'm flipping through the channels and it catches my eye, I like to take a look. We love the blog over here becuase we feel a little more connected. I hope Neil doesn't ever cringe but looks at it as documentation of how much hard work he did to get better! Way to go Neil!

Anonymous said...

And need to publish a book. The warmth and insight you have provided us along the way has been inspirational to those of us watching, wondering and worrying from the sidelines. You haven't ever written anything that should be an embarrassment to Neil. On the contrary, we are so amazed at Neil's tenacity not only to life, but to his will to recover. Think of the strength you can offer to other families going through something similar. You are all amazing! (And bad hair days can be edited out of books.) ;-)

Cousin Carol McMaster

Meredith said...

I am so glad this blog has provided the forum for friends and family to gain the insight into your heart and to tap into your strength as we coped from afar. Thanks for sharing Neil with us - we love him and all of you dearly. Hope it all goes well with MTV!