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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Worth of a Soul

Neil and I sat in a conference room at the high school this morning discussing the results of his recent evaluations and his IEP. As we listened to the school personnel discuss their findings and options for the upcoming school year I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the resources available to Neil and to us. So much time has been spent already in planning for his success. Neil's own goals have been at the top of everyone's list and we are all coordinating efforts to work toward that aim. Neil must have been experiencing similar feelings as my own as he leaned over and said, "My accident has sure charged the school a lot, as well as you and Dad." I wasn't sure what he was saying at first, but as he tried to explain I realized that by "charged" he meant "cost." He was referring to all that had been done, and would yet be done for him--medically, therapeutically, educationally--by so many. I don't know if he perceives it yet as more than just a money issue, but it's interesting to see him begin to grasp the magnitude of what has happened to all our lives. As we walked out to the car after our meeting, Neil said he felt like an idiot for getting into that accident. Of course we talked about accidents being just that--accidents--and that it was pointless to fret about a past that can't be changed. But he finally smiled when I pointed out that he might want to look at the "cost" he referred to as an indicator of his value. It takes a village, an extended family, loyal friends, teachers, doctors, professionals, volunteers, and so many more to help a boy meet his potential. But it's worth it. He's worth it.


Molly said...

Yes Neil - you are so worth it. I remember when Aunt Shelly called me early that Saturday morning to tell me of your accident. I had been up all night with Brynley who was throwing up and feeling a little sorry for myself that I hadn't gotten any sleep, but when she told me of your accident my heart sank. I cried, immediately, wanting to see you to know that you were OK, suddenly my problems were so small. I spent a few days thinking there was no way our family would ever be the same without you and prayed so hard that your life would be spared. We love you and we are so proud of you and you are so worth it! Always remember that!

Meredith said...

What Molly said...♥♥♥♥♥♥♥