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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Growing Pains

It's been hard for Neil to hear his recent test results. The therapists and psychologists are as kind as possible--praising him first for his attitude of perseverance and his friendly and cooperative manner--before they share his scores that often fall in the "below average" or "impaired" range. He understands that that's to be expected because of the injury. He also understands that he's continually improving and we're all working and hoping for a near full recovery. But it still hurts to have those scores stated out loud. As I see his face drop a little my heart aches, but I also recognize that his reaction represents progress in two ways. First, he is growing in his ability to see the big picture, to recognize his deficits, to understand what he needs to do to fix them. Secondly, Neil is able to feel the emotion of sadness. Without that sensation he would not be able to recognize joy. Experiencing that full range of emotion is going to be so much more satisfying for him than the flat existence he was living only a few months ago.
As it turns out, Neil is not ready for Kessler's cognitive program--not just yet. For now, Neil will be spending his mornings at the high school this fall getting some help with skills that he's lost and getting a chance to socialize with teens again. (Yay!) Then we'll be off to Chester for his usual therapies in the afternoon. It will be a busy schedule, but he can't wait for school to start!


Quincy Sorensen said...

Your positive outlook is so uplifting. You're right, it is so good for Neil to feel the sadness, so he will feel joy as well. We know that exact principle to be an eternal one. I will keep praying for Neil's full recovery.

Anonymous said...

We love you Neil, Lori, Scott, and family. It's hard to get dissappointing news but sometimes the best outcomes result from processes we don't plan or expect. Heavenly Father knows the best path for Neil to take in order for him to obtain the brightest future. Love, Aunt Michelle

HMStammler said...

Again, because of Neil I am reminded of appreciation! We have to remember to say thank you to God for the times that maybe things don't go quite the way we hope but also to ask that He teach us the lesson. Without disappointment we can't appreciate all His glory!

Neil, keep up the good work and I hope you recognize how far you have come. I appreciate the lessons I am reminded of everyday because of your courage!! :)

Anonymous said...

Neil and family: there isn't a day that has gone by since we learned of the accident where we haven't thought about all of you and what you have been going through. I have worked recently with a few of Neil's friends (at Starbucks) who graduated with him and I cried at work today when I heard about his graduation. Neil, we are so excited for you; your progress, your patience and your tenacity to keep at it. You are an inspiration for all of us and I am so grateful that you can feel and recognize the love that surrounds you. We love you and care about you and your family so much, Ruthi Sean and Lily Cass