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Thursday, March 19, 2009


To Tom, Alex, and any other lucky individual who received a text from Neil today, congratulations. Now let me explain. Actually, I'm sure you've already figured out why your message was nothing but gibberish. Neil was thrilled today to have enough focus to be able to use his phone. He immediately began the process so familiar to him of texting friends. It soon became apparent he was frustrated. Unfortunately, he can't see what he's typing or who he's writing to, and his short attention span keeps him from pressing the keys the right number of times. I'll bet you could figure out what your message was supposed to say if you analyze which keys are connected with the letters he wrote. I offered to help him text what he wanted to say. I offered to read the replies and the many messages left after his accident. He didn't want me to. Whether it was because he didn't want me reading his private mail, or he really thinks he sent legible texts, I don't know. Anyway, I'm guessing Neil sends his best to you all.

Let me just say, we love Sherman. I found out (for those of you who have asked) he is 75% lab, 25% golden retriever, specially bred in California to be a companion dog. I guess they've figured out it's the perfect mix of breed for the job. I'll bet nearly every patient who leaves Kessler is ready to get a dog when they get home. But I don't think you could duplicate Sherman. He is very special.

Awesome stuff Neil did today: went up and down several flights of stairs in the stairwell (with help, but not much); used his deltoid and tricep muscles in his left arm; played some mean basketball in his room with a cool set from an anonymous friend (thank you!); spelled "chair" and "sweater" among other things for Fred, the speech therapist; and tried snowboarding using a computer program hooked up to a board!

One more cute moment: I said a prayer with Neil tonight before he went to sleep and I left for home. Among other things I prayed that I might drive home safely. As I was gathering my things to go, Neil very earnestly said, "Don't drive off any cliffs." Thanks for the good advice, Neil!


Molly said...

How awesome that he is climbing stairs so well. I'm sure the snowboarding game was fun for him. I thin k it's great that he wanted to try to text, good for him. And great advice for the drive home as well! You guys are all amazing...

Meredith said...

I had to laugh out loud as I read this. How perfectly Neil to give you perfectly random advice like not to drive off any cliffs. And if it gives you any hope, I sent some probably very random gibberish like texts when Neil helped me (finally) learn to text last summer. And I became quite proficient so I bet his mad texting skills will be back. I am sure of it.

Polly said...

Neil's day sounds awesome. I like his advice for your safe drive home. What a sweetie!

Text???? I can barely type in the phone numbers of my contacts. Teens are incredible with texting. He'll get it :)