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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Wake Up Call

I would so like to know what's going on in Neil's head. Dr. Galang, who is in charge of Neil's rehabilitation, says that Neil is fully awake now, but it's kind of hard to tell. Here's why--his span of attention remains very short, he constantly fidgets, he doesn't talk yet, he is still somewhat inconsistent with his responses, and he doesn't seem to realize he has a left field of vision...or a left side to his body, even. This is all part of the process. As he emerges from the minimally conscious stage, he enters what is known as the confused/agitated stage, so a lot of his inability to focus is to be expected. I worry that his fidgetiness is getting in the way of his therapy, but his doctor remains optimistic.

Neil has moments between his wiggles and inattention where we are realizing he understands a lot more than we thought. He remembers that he is the snowboarder in the family, and that Mom and Dad are skiers. If we're patient with him during meals, he will shake his head or give a thumbs up to show his food preferences. He points to things and sometimes pulls my hand in a certain direction, and I wrack my brain to try to figure out what he wants.

That must be why he is agitated and confused. He wants to communicate...and so do we.


Artie's Aunt Nancy said...

I can't help but wonder if he couldn't somehow text or otherwise use some of that previously considered wasted video controller agility to communicate. Most of these kids can text in the blind with one hand....not really knowing what Neil's abilities are, this may be terribly unreasonable, but....a thought.
I just want to assure you that your posts do not go unappreciated. There are self proclaimed "blog stalkers" out there praying for all of you. Celebrating every victory no matter how small and sharing in both your joys and your struggles. There are even "text chains" that go out to those who may not have immediate access to a computer! I have no doubt that the prayers and love being offered for Neil will continue to bring more breakthroughs in the days to come. May you feel the strength and encouragement of both. Blessings - Nancy

Polly said...

It sounds like a frustrating stage, but remember it is just a stage. He will move on. I'm sure there are things he wants to communicate to you, but doesn't have all the pieces there together yet. Keep your spirits up. He has made so much progress. We all look forward to your postings. Be sure to get the rest you need too. These are long days and just the drive can be weary. Hugs to all of you.
Love, Cindy

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I am one of those "Blog Stalkers" out there. Every night before I go to bed, I check for new updates on Neil. This blog has made me realize how much I want to pursue a career in the Medical field and save lives. Neil and his family are always in my prayers.This has to be one of the most touching blogs I have come across. It's amazing to see all the progress he has made. I could tell he is truly a fighter, and it's extremely admirable. He is also very lucky to have such caring parents by his side every step of the way.

Hang in there Neil. I know you can do it.