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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Leaps and Bounds

Neil's rehab team meets every Wednesday to discuss his progress and plan for any changes to his program. The outcome today was that everyone is very pleased. Dr. Galang used the term "leaps and bounds" to describe the speed at which Neil has advanced, but reminded us that this is still a long road we're on. The biggest concerns for Neil right now are his ability to speak and to use his left arm. Down the road our concerns ...well, we'll just wait and see what we have to be concerned about then. At present, we'll just leap and bound along with Neil!

Walking continues to be a progressive skill for him. Neil only needs one assistant now, to help with balance. Although he still struggles a little with his left foot, he can use it so much better than before. They've even had him walking up a few steps with some help. Looks like we won't be needing to renovate the house for wheelchair access when he comes home :-) Maybe they'll work on his snowboarding skills next.


David Sousa said...


I read your updates every morning. Neil's progress continues to amaze and your accounts continue to inspire. Neil has great parents.

Ali said...

Hi Lori! ♥

I love all you write and how you write. Thank you for continuing to include us here. I read everyday...several times a day! :)

I can only imagine how much you want to hear Neil speak to know what he is thinking and feeling. So frustrating for you and for Neil also I am sure. He is making so much progress though. I know that one day soon he will be non stop talking!

It has to be exhausting for him and for you as well to see all he has to go through and how hard he has to work. He has come so far though. One thing we know is Neil is strong.. wonderful that he did always take care of himself and his energy and strength are surely coming into play as he recovers a little bit more each day. I hate to think of him uncomfortable and frustrated though in that wheelchair..but guess perhaps as you say..... it is to get him up and moving? But still...he is your baby..and been through so much.. you want him comfortable. I guess now though it really is up to the therapists etc and not family to better direct him...less emotionally attached! Hard work now will continue to give great rewards. He is surely a fighter! You must be so very proud of him. We all are!

Love to him and you!

Marcello said...

Scott and Lori...thanks so much for the updates. It is awesome to hear how Neil is progressing. Prayers are still heading your way from the Northwest.

The Schaugaard's said...

so excited to hear about the continuing progress!

Amy Edgar Schaugaard