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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Hero

Not Sherman, although I do love that dog. It's the kid with the cool snowboarding helmet. We've gone through a whole range of emotions and feelings for, and about Neil since the accident, but what I think I'm feeling most lately, is admiration. It is inspirational to watch him attempt to climb insurmountable obstacles every day. He is asked to do what can't be done--"move your left hand," "read this word," "pay attention," "talk so I can hear your voice." And yet he tries, and keeps trying. He may be confused about what's going on in his life right now, but he knows he can get better, and he trusts those people who are trying to help him. Despite much difficulty maintaining his focus, he stares intently at the speech therapist and makes every possible effort to do what he's asked. He attempts a task over and over again. He walks on the treadmill till he works up a sweat, takes a short rest, and walks some more. He will admit he's tired when asked, but I've never heard him complain.

All this, and he remains kind and polite. "Thank you," he says, several times a day--when we put his shoes on, when we bring in his lunch tray, when we remind him how well he's doing. He shakes hands like a gentleman, even with strangers, and waves to everyone he knows. After a hard day of therapy, Scott or I will sometimes give him a back rub to help him relax a little. He almost always reaches around to either of our backs to give us a rub at the same time. He says, "thank you for coming" when we arrive in the morning, or we're getting ready to leave at night.

I so appreciate and admire his determination. He is truly a joy to be around. I just hope some of his grit will rub off on me!


Meredith said...

Hey there Neil (and Sherman!!) We admire Neil too and constantly are amazed with how much he has recovered. (Not that we would expect any less of Neil!) Each time we think "will Neil again be able to do XYZ" we read that he has worked on a new task or skill and we are moved and are so thankful for his recovery. We love you all and wish we could be there to visit, give a back rub and get one of those "Thank you for coming" from him personally.

Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

Wow! I look at that picture and I see our Neil! He has worked so hard and we truly admire him for that. It sounds like his therapists are amazing and so patient. It is so wonderful to read about his recovery and see how much he progresses from day to day. We love you all!

Molly said...

Thank you for the picture. I've been hoping you'd post one. Go Neil!!!