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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Many, Many, Many Thanks

Neil's ticks have subsided somewhat. Not quite so many handshakes. What seems to have taken their place is his need to express his gratitude. It’s “thanks” when we hand him his napkin for the fifth time and “thanks” when we wave to him from across the room. We hear it every time he gets the ball in a game of catch. It got to a point the other day where he couldn’t stop, even when I gently asked him to--not trying to be mean, just trying to reteach appropriate social behaviors. After hearing it every few seconds for the previous few hours, I said, "Neil, I already know you are grateful for me." He whispered, "Yes, but you don't know how much." I promptly kissed him and said my own thanks.

At the risk of sounding socially inappropriate, I have to echo Neil's sentiments. Thank you again and again, to so many who have done so much for Neil and for us. You don't know how grateful we are.


Anonymous said...

This probably is a resonance kind of reaction to all the prise he got when he couldn't really respond. Like when we all congratulated him for moving, or giving someone a high five. I would be trying to make up my thanks too. :]

Anonymous said...

To The Stone Family,
I am so amazed at the progress that Neil is making. It seems on a weekly basis, he is jumping another hurdle. My thoughts and prayer have been with you since the day of his accident. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of Neil. I have visited him from time to time and had left a Guardian Angel on his bed to watch over him. I am a nurse who works for RWJUH and my son is a close friend of Neil's. His doctor's and nurses ask me how he is doing, and are impressed with his rapid progression in rehab. You have done a wonderful job of supporting him and helping him to acheive a full recovery, stay strong!