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Friday, March 13, 2009

Dear Neil…..Love, Dad

Lori has done such a great job with this blog. I have mentioned to her a few times that I would write it occasionally but have yet to follow through. Tonight is the night. I’m not near the writer Lori is, but here goes:

First of all, a quick update on today: Neil’s walking continues to improve as does his ability to get up out of his chair or bed. He’s still working hard to get beyond the whispering of some words and is so earnest in his efforts in all that he attempts. It’s very humbling to be by his side. I know he feels our unwavering support and love.

Neil loves having sleepovers so I am spending tonight in his room. They have a chair in each room here that pulls out to make a bed and Kessler doesn’t mind if a family member stays over once in a while. We have done it a few times since we have been here.

I want to write directly to Neil tonight.

Dear Neil:

Your accident was exactly seven weeks ago today. Not a day (hour) has gone by where I don’t wish we could go back and re-write the script. I wake up every night in the middle of the night and hope it was just a bad dream only to be slapped hard with a dose of reality.

I would like with all my heart to tell you why this happened Neil. I pray that one day it will make a little more sense to all of us.

I am so proud of you Neil and feel so blessed to be your dad. School comes easy to some but you had to really work at it and your effort was paid off with getting accepted to BYU-ID. You never speak badly of others, your kind heart is manifest in so many ways, and you always forgive others so quickly. You have grown into being such a fine young man.

I would trade places with you right now if I could but as that is not possible the best I can do is to be by your side and that is what I (we) will do without fail. Your mom and I will be here for you every step of the way. We have a tough journey ahead but the key word Neil is “we”—together. That’s what being a family is all about and is something you never need to worry about.

I love you Neil. I feel so blessed to be able to be your Dad. You are a wonderful son.



Hancock family said...

Thank you, Scott, for letting us "peak" at your tender thoughts for Neil. Please let Neil know that "we" also means extended family and friends. We are all here for you.
the Hancocks

Molly said...

Thanks Uncle Scott. It's good to "hear" from you on here, though Lori is doing a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and especially your thoughts for sweet Neil. He is quite the kid. We pray daily that he will be back to a place where he can go to BYU-ID and fulfill all of his dreams! We love you all! Molly

Ali said...

How wonderful to read your words here..... so touching. Your feelings jump right off the page. It is obvious why Neil is the incredible and caring guy he is.... he has such kind and loving parents..

I can only begin to imagine the pain you must feel and how you wish you could reverse all this. I would feel the same. I so wish the accident had never happened...that Neil was not where he is now. You do question why and if only.... though there is no way to go can only move forward as your son is so bravely doing. He is making such progress!

I love how you shared your love for your son with us as well and how wonderful to read how he never needs to worry about you being there for him. You are an incredible family and though you have been given such a hardship and Neil has had to and will continue to have a hard battle ahead as he works towards full recovery in so many ways you are all very very blessed.

Thank you for sharing with us and for being the strong loving family you are.

How great that Neil can have a sleepover! I am sure it makes him very happy to wake up and see you there.

Lots of love to you!

Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

Wow Uncle Scott! Thank you so much for writing that. It's very inspiring to read. The love that you and Lori have for Neil (all the kids really) is so evident and is very much reflected in your letter. Thank you so much. Neil is making such wonderful progress and I'm sure that a lot of that is due to the constant support that he feels from you and Aunt Lori. As always, we will continue to pray for Neil as well as all the doctors and therapist who are working to get him better. We love you all.

Meriam Sawyer said...

Hi Bishop,
It's Meriam...I just wanted to let you know how much I loved this post. It's so spiritual that I feel the spirit just reading it. I really do miss seeing Neil, as well as your wife, in seminary. Natalie and I always talk about how different it is not haveing them both there. We all love Neil so much and can't wait to see him back in seminary again. He is so funny and even though it may be 6 in the morning he always knew the right things to say to make all of us laugh. Just know your whole family is missed and I am praying for Neil as well as all of you. Love you!
~Meriam Sawyer