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Friday, March 27, 2009

Walking On Sunshine

Nice day for a walk today, didn't you think? Well, it was here in New Jersey, anyway. Neil got to take a little stroll down the sidewalk with his physical therapists. He also walked up and down some stairs outside. He likes to walk, stand up, and stretch his legs. He even looks for reasons to get up, like walking across the room to throw something in the trash. Too much time in a chair everyday will do that to you. He just gets antsy. I like to think of it as motivation for him. We're just trying to temper his enthusiasm for getting up with some good sense about safety.

Neil continues to stay positive and relatively content. His sunny attitude makes him easy to be around and a pleasure to talk to. In fact, it's fun to try to engage him in conversation where he has to participate more than just answering yes or no. We can almost see those gears turning as he comes up with some interesting things to say. Most of the time they make sense--sometimes they don't, but at least he's thinking!

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Molly said...

I'm so glad to hear about how good his attitude is. I wouldn't expect any less of thim though. I can totally understand the antsiness after spending so much tie in a chair, it must feel good for him to have a little freedom to get up and move, saftey is huge though, hopefully he's understanding that.