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Sunday, March 8, 2009

More Than Words Can Say

It was a nice day outside, and a nice day inside here at Kessler. With Neil's increasing ability to pay attention we were able to play some games that he enjoyed and take some walks outside. He loved shooting the Nerf gun at targets I drew on the window of his room. Communication has improved a lot, as well. He sometimes tries to mouth words, but mostly he points or snaps his fingers. If we ask the right yes or no questions we can sometimes work out what he wants. When Dr. Galang came by today, I told him it was a little frustrating trying to understand Neil. He told me not to worry because Neil was frustrated too, so he’d eventually figure it out. Good motivation to learn to speak, huh?

Our family had a poignant experience tonight. In our church, it's the young men who have the responsibility to prepare, and pass the Sacrament to the congregation. With permission, we had our own private service in Neil's room. Without being prompted, he removed the white cloth from the tray and broke the bread while we played a hymn on the iPod. He was fully engaged in the process and we were all deeply moved by his reverence and understanding. I am ever grateful for how much of Neil we have, and hopeful for what he will regain.


Polly said...

This update is a real tear jerker. What an incredible moment for all of you. What a sweet heart Neil has! Good for him, I am so impressed, and delighted that he has recall of the sacrament. That is a true blessing. Cindy

Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

That is so incredible! I was moved to tears as I read about his reverence for the sacrament. I guess some things are never lost and maybe his reverence for that act has even increased through this experience. I'm sure it was so amazing for all of you to witness that! We keep praying that the improvments will continue and we know that they will!

Molly said...

Amazing... and truly touching. I am so glad that Neil was able to participate in the sacrament, what a blessed experience for all of you. I haven't commented in a few days... didn't want you to get sick of my comments. But I have been so moved by the continuing relationship that you and Scott are experiencing with Neil. I can imagine you both holding your 6 foot something son, rubbing his back, brushing his hair, playing games with him... what an incredible journey. He's making huge strides every day, it must be amazing, though I am sure frustrating at times, to watch this.

HMStammler said...

What an incredible journey and I feel blessed by your sharing. I am glad to hear that Neil is making great strides every day! Just wanted you all to know that we continue to pray for Neil and your entire family!!