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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Forest or the Trees?

Because of distance, school and other commitments, Sunday is usually the only day that Eric gets to come and see his brother. So Eric has become our gage--our view from a distance, if you will. It's hard for Scott and I to see Neil's progress when we are there day in and day out. Time runs together and we lose our perspective. So today we asked Eric what changes he'd seen in Neil compared to last week. Here is what he shared: It's easier to understand what Neil is saying and he talks more. He seems more "with it" and he can walk on his own. He also seems to remember more things.

Thank you, Eric, for helping us enjoy the forest instead of bumping into the trees.

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Molly said...

Thanks for the great perspective Eric! I am sure that helps make a huge differnence to see what he is really accomplishing week to week.