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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just Me and My Dad

Sorry it's a late post tonight. Scott was with Neil alone for most of the day, giving me a little brake to nurse a cold and catch up on some groceries and house work. I'm taking tonight's shift. Since my time with Neil today was relatively short before he fell asleep, I'll tell you what Scott shared with me. Neil's periods of focus and attention where a little longer than usual today. They took a few walks together, played some games, and talked (obviously a one-sided conversation, but those can still be meaningful.) Because Neil showed signs of understanding most of what Scott was saying, he felt it was time to share Neil's own story with him. We have been telling Neil for weeks that he had a car accident and is in a hospital getting better. This time, Scott filled in the details. And Neil listened to every word. They had a really good day together, and by the time I came with dinner, Neil was showing a great deal of affection for his dad. This isn't the circumstance I would have chosen to help strengthen the bonds of father and son, but I count it as another one of those sweet blessings we've been given along with the challenges.


Meghan, Carson and the Girls said...

What a special time that must have been for Uncle Scott. It really isn't the circumstance that anyone would choose to strengthen those bonds, but like you said, it is a blessing. It sounds like Neil is making some great progress. Please tell him that we love and we're thinking about him and praying for him.

Hancock family said...

You are so positive, Lori. I just love you. And Neil. And Scott. And Eric. Hugs to you all.