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Saturday, March 21, 2009

People Who Need People

Too many late nights and early mornings leave us a little scatter-brained. As a result, Scott went to the hospital this morning with both our keys, so I was stuck at home today and Scott had a really long day at Kessler. At least our kitchen floor got mopped for the first time in months.

I was feeling bad for Scott because, as much as we love being with Neil, it can be a tough job caring for all his needs, working on his homework, and keeping him entertained all by yourself for the whole 13+ hour shift--especially on a weekend with no therapy. Then I heard about the visitors--and there were many today. Friends of Neil's, friends of ours, and very thoughtful acquaintances. I was a little jealous not being able to go to the party.

I've come to a realization as we've progressed through this life-changing experience: people are good. They are kind and caring and filled with love. I can say that because I've seen it. I've been the receiver of that loving kindness and so has each member of our family. God has blessed us with medical miracles as Neil's life was spared and he continues to regain his abilities. And he's blessed us with a community of friends, neighbors, family, and people we don't even know who have surrounded us with more goodness than we ever could have dreamed of. Thank you for the dinners, the rides, the errands, the cards. Thank you for the fruit, the flowers, the toys, the pajama pants. Thank you for the visits, the emails, the texts, the messages. Books, letters, phone calls, listening ears, goodies, stuffed animals, lunches, hugs, tears, prayers, comments, smiles, good wishes, good thoughts, good examples.

A few weeks ago, Neil's scout master came to visit and brought Neil's Eagle Scout award. Even though he had earned it last summer, we just hadn't been able to arrange for his Court of Honor yet. We had a brief little tear-filled ceremony in the hospital room with the promise of a real one in the future when Neil is ready for it. I don't know how his scout master knew, but that was exactly what two grieving parents needed. Yes, people are good and we are very lucky.

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Carl Clegg said...

We were one of the visitors yesterday. We were a little concerned about bringing our big family (6 kids) into his room...afraid that we would overwhelm him...but it all worked out okay. I want to let you know that we have been praying for Neil at every meal and at every family prayer since January 23rd when we first learned about the accident. I think it's very difficult to seperate our perception of a person from the state of their physical appearance. My wife has a brother with cerebral palsy and we have only known him the way he is. It will be quite a surprise and a wonderful blessing for us to get to know him after the resurrection when he will be able to communicate and we can get to know him better as a brother. Six years ago we lost our daughter Eliza. She was born with a bad set of lungs and only survived 12 days. It was an experience that not only taught us the fragility of life, but also how precious each member of our family is -- no matter if they are with us now or not and no matter what mortal travails may beset them. We were willing to accept Eliza in any I mean ANY condition the Lord would allow her to be in to stay with us. But there were other plans for her which we don't understand not then and still not now. But at least we've been able to reconcile somewhat the will of the Lord. Sorry for rambling. God bless you Niel and your family and know that there is someone praying for you every day. God Speed, The Clegg Family